Haven Help System

Name : The Port of Parva

Historical Theme: 17th Century Spanish Port

Races : Human, Half-elf, Half-orc

Religion : Damhair, Soirin, Thorian

Language : Enlan

Currency : Oros

Game Notes : The Port of Parva is located to the south of
the Estergrym Mountains on the Northeastern
edge of the HavenWood forest. The town is very
dirty and its inhabitants often reflect this.
They are known to be very brutish and rude and
have little respect for much of anything. They
are typically of the criminal element, and as such
they make visitors to the city very weary of their
belongings. The exceptions to this rule are usually
found among the Damhair followers, who are more
concerned with the nature of the Ocean and the
Drowned God's mood.

Game History : Parva has a history for being a very lawless town.
The very nature of the city is that of refuge and
often times criminals in other parts of the world
will flee to Parva in an attempt to blend in with
the criminal population.

Classes : Acrobat, Bard, Priest (Damhair),
Priest (Soirin), Priest (Thorian),
Fighter, Necromancer, Ranger, Rogue,