Haven Help System

Name : Malveillant

Historical Theme: Medieval European Monarchy

Races : Dark-elf, Half-elf (dark-elf), Skaven

Religion : Soirin

Language : Eltherian

Currency : Roni

Game Notes : Malveillant is a town buried under the ground
located in the HavenWood. The town is run by
Prince Marikian and his royal aides who
dictate the day to day livelihood of the
citizens. The town has a very deep rooting in
the Soirin faith, as the Dark-Elves are the
chosen race of Alessandra. As such, Malveillanti's
are typically extremely arrogant and greedy.
They are deceitful and vicious and value their
beauty and gold above all things.

Game History : Years ago the Skaven race were outed from their
cavernous dwellings and sought refuge within
Malveillant. Being loyal adherents to the Soirin
faith, the Church of Soirin and Prince Marikian
allowed them to settle until they could muster
the strength and numbers to return to their
own dwelling.

Classes : Priest (Soirin), Evoker, Enchanter, Necromancer,
Cavalier, Fighter, Rogue, Bard, Merchant, Dancer