Haven Help System

Name : Lisht

Historical Theme: Ancient Egyptian / Hebrew

Races : Elf, Gnoll

Religion : Anteky (Elf), Enniae (Gnoll)

Language : Alatherian (Elf), Reshai (Gnoll)

Currency : Deben

Game Notes : On the far away southern continent
of Xandria, the town of Lisht is
inhabited by two peoples: the Gnolls
and a lost tribe of elves. The Gnolls
have subjugated the elves and use
them as slave labor. The elves
have learned to deal with the ever
present harassment and abuse from
the ruling gnoll body and have taken
to a deep reverence for their Lord.

Game History :

Gnoll Classes : Evoker, Fighter, Necromancer,
Priest (Enniae)

Elven Classes : Bard, Priest (Anteky), Rogue