Haven Help System

Name : Haven Town

Historical Theme: Late Dark/Early Medieval Period European

Races : Elf, Human, Half-elf

Religion : Kylin, Eclat

Language : Eltherian

Currency : Imperials

Game Notes : Haven Town is one of the oldest and most developed
towns in the entirety of Kailie. She is protected
by the zealous Kylin Templars who go through various
degrees of xenophobic administration. Because of
the careful watch of the Templars Haven Town is
a very ordered community that typically aims to
please the patron god of Order, Duuk. Brawling,
stealing, spitting on old ladies, and other
acts of skullduggery are frowned upon by the
guards and will typically be rewarded with a
swift death.

Game History : Havenites have a reputation for being very
arrogant and disrespectful of outsiders. They have
been known to lead many crusades against those
the Church of Kylin has deemed heretical, most
notably against Jidoor and Malveillant.

Classes : Acrobat, Priest (Kylin), Druid (Kylin), Druid (Eclat),
Evoker, Enchanter, Cavalier, Fighter, Rogue,
Ranger, Merchant, Bard, Necromancer, Sailor