Haven Help System

Name : Glimmerdin

Historical Theme: Scottish

Races : Dwarf

Religion : Kylin

Language : Runic

Currency : Nuggets

Game Notes : Glimmerdin is the home of the dwarves
in the Crystal Reaches. The dwarves
have tunneled deep into the mountain
to create their home and have made
a veritable fortress out of the rocky
foundation. The dwarves of Glimmerdin
are holy and devout warriors dedicated
to the Lord of Order, Duuk. Their temple
to their Lord is one of the focal points
of the city.

Game History : Glimmerdin has housed the Dwarven race
for many years and as such, the dwarves
are very protective of it. They aid
the Haven Templars in their Holy Crusades
against heretics and are known to be
extremely stubborn and steadfast.

Classes : Bard, Cavalier, Priest (Kylin), Fighter

Famous Clans : Stonebone, Axethrower, OrcsBane, Tunnelbreaker