Haven Help System

Name : The Duchy of Averath

Historical Theme: Late medieval French duchy.

Races : Human

Religion : Aetarin

Language : Avera

Currency : Ducats

Game Notes : The Duchy of Averath is an island some leagues south of
the main continent. A ferry runs between Haven Town to
the north and the fishing encampment in Averath. The
Duchy is populated by particularly isolationist humans, a
small outcast dwarven city to the west is the only other
settlement on the island. The politics of Kaille at large
seem to have little bearing on its people, and instead
they seem to keep to their own strange ways. Visiting
tourists should take caution outside the cities, as things
are not always what they seem in Averath.

Game History : The Duchy of Averath is most known as a destination spot
for those new to sailing.

Classes : Bard, Fighter, Merchant, Priest (Aetarin), Rogue, Sailor