Haven Help System

Type: Major Sphere of Magic
Commands: spells, cast, marry
See also: <spellhelp>, <help player documents magic>,
<help atone>

You are a pious adherent to a certain faith, and can call
upon your deity's magic. Evokation spells can unleash
fire on opponents or ward allies from damage, Necromancy
spells can poison opponents or summon souls to protect
you, Healing can cure disease and raise the dead, and
Enchantment can create wards and summon holy relics. Faith
spells cannot be cast if your alignment is at odds
with your diety.

Depending on your particular deity, you may have access to
several religion-specific spells. A thorian priest, for
instance, can inflict horrifying diseases on the
unfaithful, while a damhair cleric can use her faith to
repair a ship at sea.

In addition, you can marry two willing people.