Haven Help System

The Thorian cult is one of the minor religions of Kailie.
Presided over by the Master of Death and Decay, He Who
Is Not Named, Thoin, the cult has a terrible reputation
as devout bringers of death. Though the cult has access to
certain magicks that hasten death, it should not be confused
with a truly evil religion, and the Thorian clerics would be
the first to admit it.

The Thorian cult not only brings death and disease and decay,
they understand that death brings about new life, and decay
is the way that all things return their bodies to continue the
circle of life. Therefore, the Thorian does not seek to take
life before its time, but does not avoid the taking of life
should the need or timing arise.

Thorian minor aspects include disease, decay, and death.
Prayers should be addressed to Thoin, sometimes referred to as
"Master of Death", or "He Who Is Not Named", or sometimes
"Decayed One".