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Taisoka is the Path, the One Way. It is a minor religion of Kailie.
Followed almost exclusively by the citizens of Tairi, Taisoka is the
Path to Enlightenment, and is the only truly passive and non-violent
religion on all of Kailie.

The follower of the Way seeks to enlighten themself and find their
place in the Divine Plan, which they seek to understand. For them,
ultimate achievement is knowing they are One with the Plan and they
understand the Path that the world of Kailie is headed.

Taisoka honors all the Immortals of Kailie, for they understand that
each Immortal plays their role in the Plan. However, this should not
be confused with following any of the teachings of those Immortals, as
the Taisoka follower is One with the Path and does not interfere and
chooses not to upset the Balance of the Plan (as opposed to the Balance
of the World, which would be a Kylin tenet!)

Followers of Taisoka pray to the appropriate Immortal for their current
needs, but do so in a manner to show respect and not submission.