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Soirin is one of the Major Faiths of Kailie.
Presided over by Alessandra the Princess of Darkness
and Melchezidek the Prince of Deception, it is a
religion with two faces, much like its beliefs.
To those who are enthralled by the enigmatic nature
of its deities, Soirin is the source of power, fulfillment
and personal glory often fantasied about in the bardic

To the Soirin followers, life is a game that should be
won at all costs. Whether the goal be riches, or fame
or a completely hedonistic life style, the path to
fulfillment lies on the path of the devout. The Soirin
feel no regret for any actions, which can lead to quite
disasterous confrontations even among the devout.

The faithful of Soirin are divided into two groups: those
who adore their Mistress, Alessandra, and those who follow
the Prince of Deception, Melchezidek. While both Gods are
respected and worshiped by all followers, each path has
different motives and goals in life.

Those faithful to Alessandra adore beauty and pleasure.
They are the epitome of hedonism and are often seen
gallivanting around as if they had no worries. They
worship songs and music and aim to please the body's
more primitive desires through sex and consumption.
The ultimate prize for those who follow Alessandra is
a life of pure pleasure embracing all the senses and
often times manipulating them to suit their needs.
This lifestyle fits bards and merchants very well but
is not limited to them.

On the other hand, Melchezidek's followers are those
more suited to the arts of deception and assassination.
They seek glory, fame and riches by any means necessary.
More suited to the more plain looking followers of Soirin,
the practice of worship to Melchezidek has been known
to bring about great rewards for those who are faithful.
Lying, cheating, stealing, bribing, and even murdering
are all part of the arsenal available to these people.
Their goal is to advance themselves without failure,
and are duly rewarded by their Deity for their actions,
who sees nothing as too extreme, too debasing. Typically,
warriors and rogues are the most devout followers of
Melchezidek, as he promotes their use of violence to
further their ends.

While the worship in Soirin is divided among the two
deities, it is not exclusive to either one. One who
primarily worships Alessandra can be found praying to
Melchezidek in times of distress, as well as a
faithful of Melchezidek praying to Alessandra for
comeliness or blessing a wedding or other social

Patrons of Soirin are those of Lust, Seduction, Greed,
Vengence, Desire, Merchants, Deception, Vanity and
Assassins. Prayers should be addressed to either
Alessandra known as Princess of Darkness or Melchezidek,
the Prince of Deception.