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Saahagoth is a minor faith of Kailie. It is ruled by Taigis the
Bringer of Chaos.

This faith is the primary motivation of the Daemons of Durgoroth.
This religion focuses solely on destruction and chaos, seeking personal
survival over anything else and focusing only on personal power to the
detriment of the town, race, and even religion. As such, it is very rare
for there to be many powerful priests of Saahagoth as they tend to turn
and feed on each other with a frequency that prevents any serious gains.

Saahagoth is a religion founded on the Lower Planes, and as such is very
difficult for normal mortals to comprehend. Saahagoth followers are often
seen as self-destructive, because anything that the follower survives
can be said to have made it stronger. Saahagoth followers are totally
untrustworthy and find themselves opposed to EVERY other religion in
the world. In fact, their religion is so far beyond the pale that many
normally opposing religions (such as Kylin and Aberach) would unite to
crush Saahagoth should their power rise.

Patrons of Saahagoth are all demons of the lower planes, and very few
of the followers bother to pray anyway. Those that do would seek knowledge
and power from greater demons and devils than themselves, such as from
Taigis the Lord of Chaos.