Haven Help System

The Cult of Rath Khan is a VERY minor faith of Kailie, practiced
by almost no one. Strictly speaking, the vast majority of the
followers of the Cult have been dead for centuries.

In an era long ago, before the split of Dark-Elves from the Elves,
a minor elven noble named Rath settled a tower south of the Jidoor
Valley. Gathering followers among the lesser creatures of the
Gwonish shore, Rath took the title of "Khan" to show his domination
of these tribal creatures. Growing in power, Rath Khan chose to
seek one further lofty goal: He would challenge the gods and so rule
the world.

The Tale of Rath Khan is a tragic tale, and the Kylin Templars have
stamped out much of the knowledge of that era. Rumors of books written
in that time bring the attention of the Grand Inquisitors of Kylin down
with speed, and thus it is that the Rath Cult hates the followers of
Kylin with a passion reserved only for those whose undeath is endless.

Those who follow Rath Khan believe that he ascended to Immortality,
rather than accepting that Rath Khan is an evil creature neither alive,
immortal, nor dead. The cold and raging evil that is Rath Khan serves
as their Immortal, and through means unknown to many he bestows the
ability to cast spells like normal clerics.

Rath Cultists pray ONLY to Rath Khan, Master, Emperor of Kailie.