Haven Help System

Magildan is one of the minor faiths of Kailie. Presided over
by Zaxan, Lord of Magic and Energy, magildan is a complex religion
which is neither good nor evil. It is structured around the study
and worship of the natural energies of the universe in which the
world of Kailie exists. These energies, such as natural magic,
conjuring, and the energies created by faith in a deity are the
subject of lore and awe for the magildan.

The magildan faithful is one that sees the energies of the world
as things to be studied and controlled, to be harnessed for the
purposes of the caster, be they good or evil, and used without
reservation to further those goals. The evil magildan uses these
powers as a tool to futher their own goals and machinations, while
the good magildan is one that uses these same forces for healing
and making the lives of the other sentient creatures of Kailie more
bearable. For the magildan, the magic itself is paramount, rather
than the uses of it.

Across Kailie, the followers of magildan are respected for their
knowledge of power. The wise man is one that does not cross a
magildan, for their bent is not dictated by their gods. To disturb
a powerful magildan is paramount to death if the magildan is one
that follows the path of evil, while to throw away the aid of one
that is powerful in magic by disturbing the good magildan is an act
of sheer folly.

Demi-gods of Magildan are Patrons of Nature, Elementalism, Study,
and Mages. Prayer should be directed towards Zaxan, the Lord of
Magic and Energy.