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Kylin is one of the major faiths of Kailie.
Presided over by Duuktsaryth, the Kylin faith is the
faith of Order and Justice. The Kylin follower
is one that despises chaos in all its forms, from random
acts of violence to the flowers that bloom without pattern
in the fields. For the Kylin believer, the world of Kailie
would be better off if it followed a pattern which met with
his pleasure.

Kylin is the belief in a balance of good and evil on Kailie,
which leads to progress through the clash of these opposing
lifestyles. To the Kylin, this balance is all important,
causing them to side unexpectedly with forces which would
normally seem contradictory to its own best interests. The
Kylin belief in order is one which borders on fanaticism.
To the Kylin, a smoothly running tyrannical police state is
one that is far more favourable than a chaotic tribe which is
free and happy. To the Kylin, Law and Order must prevail or
the world will not advance. The Kylin symbol of a balance
surrounded by a dragon sums up this belief quite well, for
when the order of the world is threatened, the Kylin Templars
flow from their temples with a swift and merciless vengence
which causes all opposed to them to tremble in fear. The
Kylin are seen as a religion blinded by the power of their
deity, one which is hated and despised by most of the other
races of Kailie for its imposing rules on the other religions.

The Kylin religion has closely guarded beliefs in order. This
is not evil, as many believe, nor is it good, as the evil-doers
often believe when the whip of the Kylin taskmaster bears down
on their backs. Chaos is the enemy of their deity, and the
Kylin will stamp it out quickly and with detached fury, but the
Kylin would be more than happy to live out his whole life in a
sane and organized world that did not succumb to chaos. For
the Kylin, a benevolent dictatorship, where the needs of the
masses are met, is the greatest form of perfection in governance.
The Kylin dictator is not evil, and will care for his charges like
they were his own children.

Demi-gods of Kylin are patrons of Justice and Responsibility.
Prayers should be addressed to Duuktsaryth, the Lord of Order.
He is sometimes referred to (especially in the Yozrath Desert) as
"He Who Judges".