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Kuthar is one of the minor religions of Kailie.
The Kuthar religion is really less of a god-worship and instead
an oral tradition of ancestor worship and history of "tribe" or
"clan". This faith is most common among primitive races and
those less in tune with the Immortals of Kailie.

Kuthar is neither a good nor evil religion, neither orderly nor
overly chaotic. It merely exists as a means to honor the ancestors
and keep the traditions of the tribe going from generation to
generation. In some races, such as the lizardmen of Gwonish, this
religion has a decidedly evil focus, leaning towards the destruction
of the Shire (the halfling settlement northeast of the swamp). In
others, such as the goblins of Kresh, this is more of a traditional
way and less "evil".

Kuthar has no patron gods, but prayers are often directed to "spirits
of my ancestors".