Haven Help System

Enniae is one of the major faiths of Kailie, led by the deity
Selket, the Giver of Breath. Because Selket is a ruthlessly
vengeful deity, her followers often say that although she
gives them life and glory, she can, if displeased, easily
take it away. Her emblems are poisonous creatures such
as snakes, spiders, and especially the scorpion.
However, priests of Selket are known to harness her
great power to turn away poison with a simple touch.

Just as Selket is known for her unforgiving nature, her
worshippers follow a similar trait. They believe that all
charities should be reciprocated in kind, and that all
mistakes are repaid with severity. Enniae also follow
a pattern of 'Might makes right'. Since Selket has the
power, she makes the rules; thus can a more
advanced individual - or people - rule over another.
This is not to say that followers of Enniae are without
reason, killing at whim. They know that for each death
they cause, they may become too powerful for their
own good, and their goddess may jealously swipe
them down into ruination. Thus, every action must
be justified, and every kill must be a stepping-stone
to power, not a gigantic leap.

Enniae do not see themselves as evil or depraved,
simply that they do what is the obvious path for a
superior faith. Others see them as evil because
they positively reek of it.

Faithful Enniae are often cold and unapproachable,
and tolerate no bucking to their authority from those
inferior to them.