Haven Help System

Eclat is one of the major faiths of Kailie.
Presided over by Amelia, this faith is the strongest
force of goodness in the land. The beliefs of the
Eclat are simple, all the world should live in peace
and harmony without fear of violence or aggression.

The Eclat follower will be someone that makes every
attempt to bring light, health, and cheer into the
lives of the sentient races of Kailie. Though the
Eclat are not above violence in a good and well
justified cause, they are not by nature warriors or
killers of great reknown. Instead they are known as
the bringers of a better world, where all the races
have their say without intimidation or death touching
before its time.

To the Eclat, charity and generosity are harbingers of
happiness and goodness onto others. After all, a man
dying of starvation is not one who is experiencing the
joy of living to the fullest. The Eclat strive to bring
joy and fun into the lives of all they meet, and are known
throughout Kailie as people welcome in all lands in which
people can meet for friendly gatherings and enjoy life.

The demi-gods of Eclat are patrons of Song, Music, Friendship,
Fellowship, and Mercy. Prayers should be addressed to Amelia,
often referred to as the Lady of Mercy.