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Anteky is a "minor" religion of Kailie practiced almost exclusively
by the downtrodden elven slaves of the Xandrian Kingdom. Anteky is
an older, more basic form of Kylin with an interesting basis. The
Anteky follower believes that there is no god but Duuk, and thus they
are the world of Kailie's only monotheistic religion.

Followers of Anteky believe that the Lord will deliver them from their
bondage in Xandria and will redeem them through a promised land. Their
current status borders on "passive waiting" and "active resistance",
which the Xandrian Kingdom is likely to crush brutally.

Followers of Anteky will not shy from bloodshed, but are essentially
a "good" people, disliking unneccessary violence and disdaining those
whose do not maintain a balance in their lives. Anteky followers believe
that good works, not merely good words, allow people to pass into the
afterlife with a perfect slate and thus reside on the Lord's plane of
existance for all eternity.

Followers of Anteky pray only to the Lord, though they rarely refer to
him as "Duuk" or "Duuktsaryth", feeling that to be too personal and
disrespectful to their god.