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Aetarin is one of the minor faiths of Kailie. Presided
over by Aerelus, the Patriarch of Honor, Aetarin is a religion
which favors integrity and honor above all else. The Aetarin
follower believes that by maintaining a dignified and
respectable way of life they will ascend to a better place,
to live for eternity by the side of their God.

The Aetarin way of life is far from straightforward. Followers
are expected to enforce their beliefs upon all they come
across. They are fearful of all other faiths, though acknowledge
the existence of only the other major deities. They are ever
determined to control the entire world, though never by means
of aggression nor kindness. They believe that the entire
population will one day come to realise that the worship of
Aerelus is paramount. The Aetarin followers certainly seek power,
though would never consider acquiring it by dishonorable means.
They would never kill another person unless there was some honor
to be gained, nor would they aid those who lack it.

Aetarin society is strictly hierarchical. The word of higher
ranking members is obeyed without question, for to disobey ones
superior would be most dishonorable, and would always end in
execution. The followers of Aerelus are fearful of all non
faith-based magic. They traditionally burn all those caught or
even suspected of practicing the forbidden arts, without exception.
They are fierce combatants, and would rather die than admit defeat
in any situation. Every fight is to the death, in the eyes of the
Aetarin follower. Should any opponent refuse to deliver a finishing
blow, the honorable would rather throw themselves on their own
blade to retain any dignity they still have.

Demi-gods of Aetarin are Patrons of Honor, Dignity and Integrity.
Prayers should be addressed to the Patriarch of Honor, though
followers would never refer to their God by his name unless in a
situation where time is not in their favor.