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Aberach is one of the major faiths of Kallie. Presided
over by Laoise, the Dark Goddess of Ultimate Evil, Aberach is
a religion of power and dominance. The Aberach follower believes
in achieving their goals through personal strength, thereby
advancing both themselves and the reach of their Goddess.

Aberach is the belief that evil will achieve ascendancy through
organization. Its followers form a strictly ranked society,
believing that those who deserve to rule will achieve power
and maintain order through threat of punishment. Those of
lower rank obey out of fear of discipline for failure to
comply. Followers of Aberach believe that society and its
rules create laws that they can use to benefit themselves.
To this end, followers of Aberach support societies and laws
in order to protect their own concerns. This means that they
would not do unlawful or chaotic things such as stealing or
random killing of citizens. They are careful about giving
their word, as they do not want to be forced to fulfill
an unfavorable oath or contract.

Unlike some other evil religions, the focus of a follower of
Aberach is on the final goal of total domination, rather than
on fulfilment of immediate or short-term goals or desires.
A follower of Aberach might work to achieve a position of
influence in another society in order to slowly turn them
towards the way of evil, but they would never compromise their
integrity by doing good. That said, followers of Aberach
may occasionally challenge other evil-doers in order to prove
their strength or in a formal challenge to advance their
position in society. However, they would never do this so
often that it became a good deed. Their intent will always be
to further their own power and influence and that of their
Goddess. The ultimate goal of the followers of Aberach is to
form a legion of evil which will rule over all of Kallie.

Demi-gods of Aberach are Patrons of Evil, Tyranny, Pain,
Wickedness, Malice and Dominance. Prayers should be addressed
to Laoise, often referred to as the Blood God or the Dark Goddess.