Haven Help System

Haven Town:

The elves from the main land are the chosen race
of their Lord, Duuk. When the world was young,
the first sentient beings to be placed upon
Kailie were the elves. With this in mind, the
elves are very arrogant and flash an air of
superiority towards other races. With very
few exceptions, they follow the Kylin faith
very strictly and adore their Lord as one
would adore their own father.


On the southern continent of Xandria, another
breed of elves live in the city of Lisht. For
years they have been abused and enslaved by the
Gnolls and as such, they have learned to be
extremely resourceful and persevering. They
follow the faith of Anteky which heralds Duuk
as the only God. Rumors of a resistance to the
ruling Xandrian monarchy float around various
circles of elven society in Lisht, but little
open resistance is seen for fear of great
retribution by the Pharaoh.