Haven Help System

Dark-elves are the fallen children of the Lord of Order,
their beauty and intelligence are legendary. The dark-elves
are a race of very self-serving creatures cast down from
the light of their creator and forced to live underground.
The race of dark-elves are scheming, evil creatures that
are entirely focused on their self-serving needs and are
most famous for being thieves, assassins, and other greedy
and lecherous beings.


Dark-elves are generally Soirin in faith and are the truest
example of that faith. Greed, lust, desire, and self-interest
rule their universe. The monarchy of the dark-elves is well
known for short, tyrannical reigns most often ended by
assassination. Dark-elves should be played with the utmost
desire and motivation. If it's a deadly sin, the dark-elves
are not only inspired by it but probably have a story bettering
it. Lust, greed, envy, sloth, and gluttony are only a short
weekend for a dark-elf.