Haven Help System

Daemons are creatures born of chaos. Like their cousins,
the demons of the Lower Planes, the daemons are a race of
creatures dedicated solely to destruction. Although the
race of daemons bears a resemblence to their larger kin,
the daemons that walk upon Kailie are lesser creatures and
must still contend with life as mortals. Their power and
abilities will depend entirely upon their choices.


Daemons are creatures of pure chaos in motion. They strive
for personal power and do not choose long term goals with
tremendous care. In short, daemons are very impulsive beings
that are known for their great power... but may not be able
to tell that making an ally today might reap rewards in the
future. People playing daemons should avoid inter-player
alliances and should focus their character on short-term
goals rather than long term planning.

Daemons are creatures of chaos and evil. No daemon has ever
considered the possibility of Order or Balance in the world,
and no daemon has ever fallen in love. Flowers are for eating
or possibly burning and art is something that can be used for
mopping up spills. Daemons do not appreciate irony. Daemons
do not pine for the old days, nor do they think that muezzin
are cute. Unless cute means, "tastes better with catsup."