Haven Help System

Getting Started on Haven

Haven is a new and different kind of MUD which operates under new
and different rules than other muds. To begin to understand how
things work and what things are expected, this document has been
created. It is recommended that you read this document fully
before exploring the world, or even leaving the Heavens.

Upon first logging into Haven, you should notice that you were greeted
by several small news items. These are general announcements made to
keep the players up to speed with new and exciting features as they
are created. They are also a chief means used by the Admin to keep
the player base informed. You should read these fully whenever you log
in. If you wish to read the news and didn't catch it when you logged in,
simply type <news> and you will be given all of the current announcements.

We have added two other news sets when you log on; one is for updates on
magic (you can read it later with <news magic>) and the other is for
updates on areas (you can read this later with <news areas>).

Once you have paged through the current news, you will be in a room.
This room will look something like the following:
A wispy cloud [north]
The cloud here is a heavenly white cloud. Birds soar high above,
sinking and rising with the air currents. To the north, a trail
of wispy clouds continues, and to the east, the peak of Mount
Olympus juts through the white canopy. These are all things
one can <look at>.
A sign is here.
This is your current environment, it describes all of what you can see
in your current location. You may <look at> any object described, along
with being able to perform any normal commands you feel would be typical
for a person to do in that location. For example, <read sign>.

Once you have examined the room and feel comfortable with your
surroundings, it is then time to move on. You can do this by making
use of the <go> and <enter> commands. <go> takes you in the direction
that you specify, while <enter> allows you to go into buildings or other
areas that could be reasonably entered into. Be aware that the directions
given in brackets ([north, south]) are OBVIOUS exits. While they are not
neccessarily the only exits from an area, they are the most practical ones.
The exits listed there only work with the <go> command; <enter> type
exits must be found by looking at the surroundings.

Eventually, you will be done wandering around the Heavens and wish to
be born. When you are ready, find the vortex that connects the Heavens
to Kailie (the world of Haven). Enter the vortex to be brought to your
hometown and begin your adventures.

Surviving in a Pre-Modern World

Everyone needs a direction in life to make one successful (successful
being defined as 'alive'). The only way to become successful on Haven
is to join a class. Classes are professions; they detail how you wish
to live out your life and what you wish to be able to do. Do you want
to be a fighter, enchanter, rogue, cleric, cavalier, merchant, ranger,
or any of the other classes which Haven allows? That is completely up
to you, and no one class is better than any other, only different.

Joining a class requires interaction with other living creatures.
There are several interactive commands, but the most vital few are
<speak>, <say>, and <ask>.

<speak> allows you to talk in your normal language, which is the default
for your race. <say> is identical, and exists to make playing on haven
easier and less syntax-driven.

<ask> is a special verb. It must be targeted, but allows you to talk to
the various NPCs (non-player-characters) in the game. The first thing
you'll want to do is <ask> someone to become a <class>, where class is
the class of your choice.

To join the class, you must first find a "class leader". These are
special NPCs that tend to be clearly marked. For instance, "Foret,
the Soleil Ranger" or "Nastarum, Captain of the Haven Guard". They
usually have names and are somehow designated as being an important
person in their class. The only class whose leaders are hidden is
the rogue class. There is usually a hint that can be found by looking
at the leader, or listening to what the leader says and observing what
she or he does, or asking the leader to help.

To find these leaders, try and locate a building or area of town that
such a class would be likely to frequent. Cleric leaders are usually
in churches, and the leaders of the magic classes tend to be in
libraries, while rogue leaders frequent taverns. If you are having
problems, ask questions of any other players you find. The classes
found in each town should be listed in their help files. <help towns>
to find your town. Hints as to where the leaders are located may be
found in the rphelp for your town. <rphelp towns> to find that document.

Once you have found the leader, <ask leader to join class>, where
<leader> is the leader's name and <class> is the class you want to
join. If you join a class that uses magic, <ask leader to teach> as
soon as you join their class. The leader will list off any spells you
can learn. The leader should also provide you with some of the basic
equipment necessary for your class, usually in the form of a weapon so
that you can train your skills.

Depending on your class, you may want to boost certain stats to give you
an extra edge in surviving in Kailie. Read 'help customize' to figure
out how to use your free customization points.

After that, it is a simple matter of exploring the world and staying

Keep in mind that the OOC channel is out-of-character and is frequently
used for chatting and greetings, but it exists solely so that people can
ask questions. Also, if you have an idea or see a typo or a problem,
type "bug -r" and follow the directions. We regularly sort through the
reported bugs and try to fix them as quickly as possible, but if you don't
report the bug, we probably will never know that it exists. Thank you!

Good Luck and Happy Adventuring!

PS -- Depending on which city you are born in, you'll want to explore
for areas that have NPCs and treasure in them. Avoid areas that look
forboding or otherwise dangerous. Keep roleplaying in mind when you start
your fights--if you have a good religion, you aren't going to be killing
sweet children and helpless old ladies. There should be an appropriate
newbie area right near the outside of your town, designed with the general
religion and alignment of that town in mind.