Haven Help System

WAGONS (and carts, carriages, etc)

Wagons are sort of mobile estates you can use to travel across the world of Kaille. Currently, the serve little purpose in combat or trade and are mostly cosmetic.

Any wagons you have will save over logouts and reboots, though items contained within will be lost upon a reboot. Animals hitched to the wagon will not save.

Wagons cannot be stolen and should not require repairs. YOU are not necessarily safe inside your wagon, however--they are not locked.

To acquire a wagon, find a wagon seller. Currently one exists just north of Sanctum.

DRIVE: Wagons are heavy and slow, and can't move as fast as your average warrior at full sprint. You have to 'sit' upon the wagon and use the 'drive' verb to command whatever animal is pulling the wagon to go in a direction. You will want to invest in the "riding" skill in order to properly control your wagon.

HITCH: Wagons do not move themselves. You must usually purchase a mule or horse to 'hitch' to the wagon. There may be other ways of aquiring draft animals. You can only hitch an animal you control (such as by purchasing or summoning it), and only certain animals will take a hitch. In general, any creature you can ride will also serve as a draft animal.

SIT: You must be sitting upon the wagon to drive it. Wagons can usually seat multiple people, though only the owner or designated driver can drive it.

BOARD: Similiar to ships, the board command is used to enter wagons.

DECORATE: You can decorate your wagon! The short description ("a rickety wagon, a colorful caravan, etc") cannot be changed, but you can freely change the detailed interior and exterior descriptions.

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