Haven Help System

Basic Vendor Stuff: How to Buy and Sell an Item

The first step in buying and selling items is to find a vendor.
You usually find them in stores and shops. Using the greet command
("help greet") will help you identify which NPC’s (non-player
characters) is a vendor. Keep in mind those vendors only deal in
certain currencies, so you may need to use a bank to exchange your
money into a different type ("help banking").

To learn what a vendor has to sell, type "ask <vendor> to browse".
The vendor will then list off all the items they have for sale.
For example:

>ask Sheila to browse
# Description
001 a wooden shovel
002 a dented sword
003 an old, wooden torch
004 an old, wooden torch

To learn more about an individual item, use the following commands:
You use the "price" command and the syntax is "ask <vendor> to price
<item>". For example:

>ask Sheila to price torch
Sheila says in Averish, "Amelia, I will take 17 ducats for the old,
wooden torch."

And you can use the "show" command and the syntax is "ask <vendor>
to show <item>". For example:

>ask Sheila to show torch
Sheila shows you the old, wooden torch.
An old, wooden torch with a bit of cloth wrapped around one end and
dipped into a flammable substance. It is as good as new.

If you've decided you want an item, type "ask <vendor> to sell <item>".
For example:

>ask Sheila to sell torch
Sheila exclaims in Averish, "Here is the old, wooden torch for 17 ducats!"
Sheila gives you the old, wooden torch.

If you want to have a vendor buy an item from you, but you want to know
what the vendor will pay first, type "ask <vendor> to appraise <item>".
For example:

>ask Sheila to appraise necklace
Sheila says in Averish, "I will offer you 5 ducats for the shell necklace."

If you want to have the vendor buy an item from you, the syntax is "ask
<vendor> to buy <item>". For example:

>ask Sheila to buy necklace
Sheila exclaims in Averish, "A shell necklace! Excellent!"
You sell a shell necklace to Sheila.

I now have 5 ducats! You can check how much money you have by typing
"money" ("help money").

All of the values depend on 2 major characteristics--how good the vendor is
at bargaining, and how good you are at bargaining. If you have very low
bargaining skill, it may be worth your while to ask another player with
higher bargaining skill to sell it for you. Also, it could help to learn
which vendors have the worst bargaining skill, you'll get the best prices
from them.

There are two types of NPCs (non-player-characters) that will sell items.
One is a vendor. They will both buy and sell. They possess a limited amount
of each item, and will only buy so many of each item. The other type is a
barkeep. They will only sell items, and they generally have an unlimited
supply of everything they sell. Barkeeps will not show items or price them,
but list the price of each item when you browse.


Advanced Vendor 401:
When you come upon a vendor like Kelan, the master armourer, who has many
items of the same type for sale such as chainmail boots, steel boots,
reinforced steel boots. This is how you will be able to buy the item you

> ask kelan to browse
# Description
001 a pair of chainmail boots
002 a pair of chainmail boots
021 a pair of steel boots
022 a pair of steel boots
023 a pair of heavy steel boots
024 a pair of heavy steel boots

Which boots do you really want? Asking Kelan for the one you want is easy.

ask Kelan to show boots #
ask Kelan to price boots #
ask Kelan to sell boots #

The # is the number order it appears when you ask the vendor to browse.
In the above example there are 6 boots. Boots 1 and 2 are chainmail boots,
boots 3 and 4 are steel boots and boots 5 and 6 are heavy steel boots.

If you wanted the steel boots this is how you do it:

> ask kelan to show boots 3
Kelan shows you the pair of steel boots.
These sturdy boots are crafted of tough steel. A small carving on the left
boot has a small carving of an anvil, signifying that this piece of armour
was crafted by Kelan, perhaps the finest smith in the Southern Coast region.
The boots entirely cover the wearer's feet, leaving little exposed to danger
when combined with similar pieces. They are lined with fine silk, providing
comfort to the wearer as well as superior protection.
It seems to be medium size.
If worn, this appears to offer as much protection as platemail.
It is undamaged and offers full normal protection.

> ask kelan to price boots 3
Kelan says in Eltherian, "I will take 3000 imperials for the pair of steel

> ask kelan to sell boots 3
Kelan exclaims in Eltherian, "Here is a pair of steel boots for 3000

Happy Shopping!