Haven Help System

Haven Trivia

Ten things everyone should be able to answer, or else you didn't
read enough help docs!

1) If I wanted to buy Rat-On-A-Stick, where would I go?

2) What is the longest mountain range of Kailie?

3) What/Where are the FrostMarches?

4) What/Where is Yozrath? <2 answers possible>

5) What/Where is the Barian Jungle?

6) If I wanted to get from Lloryk to Glimmerdin, how would I get there?

7) Name the two dragons of Kailie and give the location of their lairs.
Followup: Name the third, rarely seen, dragon.

8) If I was a non-human shaman, what race would I be?

9) Name 4 (FOUR) religions of Kailie with the sponsoring gods.

10) Name 5 (FIVE) valid player races. Give home town and base religion.
Humans are acceptable if you detail a variant choice of that race.