Haven Help System

TimeLine of Kailie History, as told by Astara Banewulf.

** The dawn of time **

* The Lord of Balance, Duuktsaryth, creates the world of
Kailie, setting down a path with a plan to create a world
where the forces of the universe are tamed to his own will.
* Duuktsaryth invites several lesser Immortals, collectively
known as the Primal Gods, to Kailie in order to help build
his world along his planned path.
* The Primal Gods (Amelia, Balishae, Syra, Morgoth, Zaxan,
Duuktsaryth, Ahriman) are joined by others.
* The Gods create simple life in the form of animals to
roam their new lands.
* Duuktsaryth creates the first sentient race, the Elves.
* Ahriman creates an evil parody of the Elves, the Orcs.
* Zaxan creates the Sprites.
* Durandel creates the Drughkor.
* Balishae creates the Halflings.
* Morgoth creates the Nosferatu.
* Mati creates the Kobolds.
* Ruin creates the Lamrani.
* Other Immortals are born and die without leaving their mark
on the world of Kailie.

** The First GodsWar **

* The Immortals squabble over the plan as set down by the Lord
of Balance. Various Immortals are destroyed and new Immortals
move in to take their place. Lamrani, Drughkor, and Kobolds
are forsaken of Immortal patronage and die out. Cities are
overturned, lands destroyed. The city of Balzash, home of
the Drughkor, is destroyed when Duuktsaryth drops a fiery
mountain on it. The Yozrath Desert is formed in its place.
* The Lord of Balance decrees that no Immortal shall have direct
contact with the mortals. Humans are formed as the first race
not directly influenced by a patron deity.
* Duuktsaryth creates the gelflings. Half-elves are born in
Haven Town.
* The GodsWar ends and Duuktsaryth slows the ranks of Immortals
from growing (opening of Haven for player testing).
* The Kailie calendar begins counting from 0.

** Year 100 ** (Opening of Haven for players.)

* Amelia creates the Meuzzin.
* Zaxan is led astray by the Prophet Dunedain. Jidoor is cast
into another plane of existance by the Lord of Balance.
* Balishae reveals his chosen race, the dwarves, to Kailie.
* The Goblins of Kresh form a permanent village.

** Year 103 **

* An epidemic of the flu kills many and leaves others
weakened for days.

** Year 104 **

* The month of Sixthmonth is renamed BloodMonth as dozens
of notibles die odd and unfortunate deaths.
* Zaxan rises from the ashes and Jidoor is restored to Kailie.
* Explorers searching Yozrath Desert discover the Emirate of
Yozrath, a human tribe dedicated to Desert Kylin.
* The village of Baria is discovered in the Barian Jungle.
* Grymxoria is wracked by revolution as Vanyel topples
Morgoth as ruler of the Nosferatu.
* The town of Karak Varn burns as the followers of Arathorn,
Lord of Deceit, take control from Ahriman's believers.

** Year 105 **

* Vanyel is deposed as the Lord of Balance sees the power of
the Nosferatu waining and bestows the title of Ultimate Evil
on Ukla.

** Year 106 **

* Keryth opens its gates to travellers as the northernmost
Human encampment.
* Ungkh, city of the Ogres, is discovered in the Crystal Reaches.
* Heyam, village of the Gnolls, is discovered.
* Morgoth, Lord of Undeath, kills most living creatures of Kailie
in a fit of rage. His actions are undone by the other Immortals.

** Year 107 **

* Zaxan is destroyed at the hands of Duuktsaryth after once
again betraying the world of Kailie.
* Desert Kylin followers battled with the Saahagoth believers
leading to the death of many notables.
* Dylanthalus the Angel is promoted to take the place of Zaxan.
The sprites flock to his banner and seek a new glory under his
reign. Magical power rests comfortably in his hands.
* The Haven Town plague is cured through the diligent work of
Zane and other mortals that sought answers to the mysterious
sickness that was troubling Haven Town.

** Year 108 **

* Rhakz steps into Kyla's place as Lord of Dragons after her
untimely disappearence from the Heavens.
* The fishing village of Parva is founded on the shores of
the Eastern Sea.
* In an interesting twist of fate Cyric, the Notorious Paladin
of Desert Kylin, unwittingly unleashes a horribly demonic entity
bent on the destruction of Kailie. Later in a titanic battle,
Cyric, Katya, Rave, and Brillig defended the lonely village of
Baria. Finally the evil Moloch was destroyed.
* Lizardmen from the swamps destroy the Halfling town of Lloryk,
raising the village of Balzor on its ruins.
* The Gnolls find a new religion in Khaoric, led by Telgaris,
who promises them glory.
* Haven Town declares war on Jidoor in an effort to halt violence
on Haven citizens by the JidoorMages.
* Kylin Templars and Paladins slaughter the sprites wholesale. The
JidoorMages crumble from internal dissent, and Rave, their Leader,
is exiled from their town. The JidoorMages make peace with the
Templars and succeed in maintaining Jidoor as an independant state.

** Year 109 -- The Second GodsWar ** (Haven closes for re-code)

* The Dark-Elves, led by Portia, Princess of Darkness, reveal
their presence in the underground city of Malveillant.
* Telgaris is destroyed for plotting against the Lord of Balance.
* Morgoth is destroyed for sloth during a time when the Primal Gods
are expected to defend their world from the Lesser Immortals.
* Portia reveals her identity as Kyla, former Mistress of Dragons.
The Immortals flock to her banner as one of the six Greater Faiths
of Kailie.
* The Kysarin followers seek protection under the banner of Kuthar,
the religion of Torak.
* Arika comes to be the new Lady of Ultimate Evil, filling the void
left by Morgoth's demise.
* The gelflings and halflings flee their lands to Soleil, finding
protection in the loving arms of Amelia, Goddess of Goodness.
* The Gnolls, Lizardmen, and Orcs flee their burning cities to
Ungkh, finding sanctuary under Torak's banner.
* Rhakz, an Arch Immortal, displaces Torak as head of Kuthar.
* Zeddicus surrenders the Thorian faith into the hands of Portia.
* The dwarves of Glimmerdin beg the Lord of Balance to protect them.
Their faith is quickly swallowed by Kylin.
* Yozrath Desert becomes an impassable wasteland as sandstorms make
travel to the Emirate impossible.
* Elasandria, Luna and Sardonas meet their doom at the hands of
the Greater Immortals.
* Dylanthalus, Lord of Magic, gathers all the Immortals of Energy,
such as Elementalism and Nature, under his banner of Magildan.
He also restores the Lamrani into his town of Jidoor.
* The Lamrani are led back to Kailie from the Lower Planes by
Dylanthalus. They quickly settle in Jidoor and become faithful
followers of the Magildan belief.
* Duuktsaryth, in order to fulfill his role as Lord of Balance,
relinquishes his role as Head of Kylin to Haun, Lord of Order.
This is a time of great sadness for the Elves, as their Lord
from the beginning of time takes a step away from them. Haun
quickly finds his place though, and the Elves see the wisdom in
the decision of the Lord of Balance.

** Summer of Year 109 ** (Haven re-opens for players)

* The island of Tairi is discovered far east in the waters of
the Endless Sea, along with a small village of of humans there
worshipping the religion of inner peace and harmony known as
Tai-so-ka. The samurai lords of Tairi seek to avoid contact
with the rest of Kailie if possible.
* The Lord of Order, Haun, is found to be a vicious traitor
to the causes of the Immortals of Kailie. His protector,
the Lord of Magic, quickly removes his support from the
trecherous god, and the Lord of Balance destroys Haun
utterly. The Elves rejoice as they are reclaimed by the
Lord of Balance, Elven-Kin, Duuktsaryth.