Haven Help System

An introduction to ships on Kailie, by
Admiral Malus the Explorer of the Kailie Seas

BALL: All ships have a crystal ball on them that give you all the juicy
information on them, you can access the crystal ball by typing <look at ball>.

SAIL: To sail places in your ship you will have to be patient at first because
you don't always go the direction you want to go. Quite simple its just like
walking except you in a vehicle on the water. <sail direction you wish to go>
ex. sail north.

LAUNCH: To attack an opposing ship with your ship you must have a array of
weapons either small, medium, huge or my personal favorite devastating. To
launch a attack you need to type this syntax <launch attack on elven warship>
elven is optional you can type just warship, there is no targeting at sea so if
you have more then two warships fighting you, you will have to kill the first.

BOARD: To enter a ship you must type <board shipname or board type of ship> ex.
<board The Bloody Hand of the Admiral> or another <board dreadnaught>. I give you
both these examples because more often than not there are more then one
dreadnaughts docked at a dock and you will have to type <board shipname>.
Boarding actions at sea are another place you will see the board command used.
You will have to leave your ship and type <board npc shipname> but expect a
fight or expect to drown because the enemy will use the scuttle command.

SCUTTLE: Scuttling your ship is like pulling the plug and giving up. When you're
outnumbered by the enemy and you know you're going to lose I suggest scuttling
your ship. It's embarrassing seeing some wussy Elven Marines gallivanting all over
the oceans with your ship, I speak from experience.

SWIMMING: Swimming is vital to your success at sea, I have found it a life saver
when the battle goes not your way and you find your ship sinking.

REPAIR: Elven Warbirds got you blockaded from the mainland? Don't you fret
swabby do a Jerry rig on the go. You can repair your ship at sea if you don't
feel like spending all that money at the Drydock. Simply look at the crystal ball
and see what is damaged. Things on your ship that can be repaired are the
following: Sails, Navigational Equipment, Shields, and Weapons, and your ship
as a whole. Simply type <repair sails or navigation, or shields or weapons or ship>.

NAVIGATE: Navigation is key to getting around, to use the navigation you can
first type help navigate, that will give you all the nav points in the game. To
set a nav point you must type <navigate haven> then by simply typing navigate
you will see where you are vs. where the dock at Haven is. Remember if you are
48 east from haven dock you will have to go 48 west to get to the dock,
everything is opposite when your on the high seas. To change nav points you
simply type <navigate town name>.

HAIL: Hailing is a form of communication at sea. See <help hail>

Bigger ships are harder to repair and sail. A swabby can't repair the sails on a
dreadnaught and will be tragically lost at sea. Certain seas away from the mainland
are also much more treacherous, and once you enter their waters you may not be able
to return to calmer seas!