Haven Help System


On the Main Continent (Kaille):

Baria: A jungle on the southwest coast of Kaille, as well as the name of a
primitive settlement of dragon worshipping humans within. Roads lead north
to the Frostmarches and east to the Crystal Reaches.

Crystal Reaches: A mountain range stretching from central Kaille to its
southern coast. Contains the underground fortress of Glimmerdin, and the
coastal cities of Lloryk, Karak, and Gwonish. Roads lead west to the Valley
and east to the Southern Coast.

Estergrym: A forboding mountain range on the northeast edge of Kaille,
containing Grymxoria, the dread city of Nosferatu. Roads lead west to Gurov
and south to Havenwood.

Frostmarches: The frigid mountain range on the northwest edge of Kaille,
containing the lost city of Arcanith, demon infested Durgoroth, and the
artic sea port of Keryth. Roads lead south to the jungle of Baria and
northeast to Gurov.

The Great Valley: A massive valley lying between the Frostmarches and Crystal
Reaches, containing the magical city of Jidoor and the significantly less
magical troll settlement of Unghk. Roads lead west to Baria and east to
the Crystal Reaches.

The Domain of Gurov: The rugged taiga on the northern coast of Kaille,
containing the Kingdom of Gurov. Roads lead west to the Frostmarches and
east to Estergrym, while an unmarked pass leads south into Yozrath.

The Havenwood: The wild havenwood covers much of eastern Kaille, containing
a wild-elf settlement of the same name, the port city of Parva, and the
underground city of Malveillant. Roads lead north to Estergrym, south to
the southern coast, and west into the Yozrath desert.

The Sanctum Peninsula: The Sanctum Peninsula extends off the southern coast
of Kaille and contains the city of the same name. A road leads north to the
southern coast.

Southern Coast: The coastal plains lying on the southeastern coast of Kaille,
home to the grand city of Haven to the east and the nomadic tent city of
Kresh to the west. Roads lead south to the Sanctum Peninsula, northeast to
the verdant Havenwood, and west to the Crystal Reaches and Westwood.

The Westwood: The great westwood forest lies just south of the Yozrath desert,
and contains the tree city of Soleil. The road leads south to the Southern

Yozrath: A vast desert occupying most of central Kaille, as well as the only
city within. It can be accessed from the road west of Havenwood and south
of Gurov. There are no roads through Yozrath.

Notable Islands:

Averath: The second most inhabited continent of Kaille, containing the cities
of Averath and Dalnairn.

Namatar: Desolate and sparsely populated, the plains of Namatar lie on the
opposite hemisphere from Kaille.

Tairi: The Isle of Tairi lies far to the east of Kaille, and contains the
kingdom of the same name.

Xandria: Far to the south of Kaille, the desert of Xandria covers the southern
pole and contains the kingdom of Lisht.