Haven Help System

There is no privacy on Haven.

All logins to Haven are at our whim, and the best way for us to
watch and be sure that bugs are not being abused is to watch
random players or listen in on conversation to see what things
people are talking about. This is our primary source of feedback
about the world we have created.

Over two years of random snooping, scanning, and generally paying
attention, we have squished many of the bugs that people thought
were 'features' of the mud.

For example, but not limited to:

Wearing 6 shields, all in differant parts of the body.
Newbies learning languages at 100%
People ganging up to learn languages at obscene paces.
among others.

Also, through this, we have found bugs that came with our
MudLib that have been ruthlessly destroyed.

Honestly, it is paranoia. We log more things on Haven than anyone
could possibly imagine. But each one is for a reason.

Every file that someone looks at that they are not the owner of is
logged, to make sure that our efforts as a mud are not borrowed by
other muds.

Prayers are logged so that Immortals can scan them to see if
anyone prayed to them while they were logged off.

Telepathy is logged to watch for people spamming each other
or abusing the IC/ooc rules. Since it was created, the telepathy
spell has been close to being removed three times as a bother.

There is -=no=- private communication of a global nature allowed
on Haven. This is why there is no 'tell' command between players.
That is due to the THEME and STYLE that we created when we opened Haven.

Random scanning of players reveals objects which seem like EVERYONE
has them, to insure that balance is being served.

Honestly, people should NOT assume that Haven is someplace to log
in and talk to their friends about their most closely guarded secrets.
If you are not comfortable with the fact that an Arch might see it,

There are several commercial programs, such as ICQ, AOL-IM, and even
email or a telephone that can be used privately.

If anyone would like to discuss this issue further, please mudmail
Duuk he'll get back to you.

The Haven Admin