Haven Help System

PK, or "player killing", is legal on Haven. This means that
characters are free to interact with each other just like they
would with any NPC. There are a few caveats though.

1) Your murder must make some vague sense "in-character". So
an Elf shouldn't kill a Kylin Cleric without a reason.

2) Your murder shouldn't be excessive. This means don't go
killing the same person twice.

3) Your murder shouldn't make the Admins sick. This means, if
you are level 137, you should not kill a level 6 player.

4) Be aware that abusing this policy will result in Laoise or
Duuk getting very angry, which can result in severely un-nice
and downright unpleasant (yet highly entertaining to Admins)
events occurring to your character.


(Policy revised 07-February 2005)