Haven Help System

Welcome to Haven!

You're probably very confused as to what to do now. This book is
your first aide in that endeavor. Inside this book, you'll discover
how to get skills, how to train those skills, and how to interact with
the various non-player characters in the game.

If you ever need to refer back to this document (and you should!), you
can do that by simply typing "help newbie". A great summary of commands
can be found in "help basics".


*Going places
Moving around in the world is fairly easy. Simply use the command
"go <direction>", which would be "go east" or "go north". The
directions you can go can be seen at the top of the room description.
These are the "obvious" exits. You can also use the pre-made aliases
to move you around. These are aliased around all the cardinal
directions, such as "n" for "go north". To see a list of your aliases,
simply type "alias".

*It says there is a building here, how do I enter it?
Entering buildings is a vital part of the game. To do so, simply type
"enter <building>", where <building> is the name of what you want to
enter, such as "enter shop" or "enter temple".

Another important command is <look>. You can use it to look at the
room you are standing in, as well as other objects or people in the
room with you. By using <look building> for example you can get
some idea of what might go on inside.


*What are skills?
The leveling system on Haven is based on training a set of skills. Skills
are things like slash combat, conjuring and so forth, which have to do
with your character's abilities and knowledge. Typing <skills> or <..> will
show you the list of skills which your character possess. When you first
start, you will be without skills. Never fear, this is temporary and is
intended to give you more freedom in creating your own unique character.

*So how do I get skills?
In order to get skills, you have to either join a class or select them
using Development Points. For new players it is suggested that you
stick with joining a class until you are very familiar with the game.
Development points are the "money" that your character uses to pay for
things such as learning new skills or training in skills or languages. Your
current development point total is listed under <score>. Once you finish
reading this newbie guide and enter the world you will be granted a
an amount of "free" development points to begin your journey with.
As you adventure you will be able to earn more development points,
for things such as completing quests (reading this book is one!) and
attaining new levels.

*Ok, I have development points, how do I use them?
This is where Haven gets interesting. We have both a classed and
a classless system. A "class" is something like rogue or fighter, where
joining costs you development points and you gain a pre-set list of
in return. Joining a class is recommended for those new to Haven as it
is a good way to get a reasonable skill set and begin exploring. Later
you can use development points to add other skills to the set your
character gained from joining a class. Or you may want to try making
another character and going completely "custom" with your skills.
Use <listskills> to the available skills and their development point cost.

To purchase skills or join a class, you will need to interact with Haven's
non-player characters or "npcs." Npcs are characters which are controlled
by Haven rather than by other players logged in to the game. You will find
npcs in many aspects of the game, including classes, training, banking and
vending. By <look>ing at npcs in your town, you can get some idea of
what each does. <ask [npc] to describe> will prompt leaders to tell
you about their class, while <ask [npc] to teach> will cause teachers
to list what they are able to instruct. If you like the class described,
you can <ask [npc] to join [class]> and they will give you the class
skill set in return for your development points.


*Where can I get some free equipment?
Most cities have someone who gives various types of free equipment to
new players. In Sanctum, this person is Xoran and he can be found in
the Colosseum. Simply "ask" this NPC, and he will equip you.

*Where can I use and advance those nifty skills?
Your skills are used doing any action in the game. Some actions grant
you "Experience Points", which are used to advance your skills. To see
how many experience points you need to advance each skill (or your
level) type <costs>. The <costs> command displays an experience point
and cash cost. For newbies there is no cash cost to advance. After you
have advanced your <skills> sufficiently, you will be able to advance
your level, leading to higher <stats> and more ability to advance!

*How do I interact with other people in the game?
To start a conversation with any NPC in the game, walk up to them and
<greet> them! This will often let you know what, if anything, that NPC
can do for you.


*What religions are there in the game?
There are many different religions in the game. Use <help religions>
to learn about them.

*Why isn't Christianity/Judaism/etc modelled?
Haven does not want to suggest any "real" religion, and this
is not the place to discuss modern religion. Everyone has their own
beliefs, and we do not want to hurt anyone's feelings by modelling
their religion in a manner different from modern views.

*What effect does religion have on the game?
Religion can have a deep impact on a character or a very small impact,
depending on how you choose to play your character. Religions offer
clerical magic and spells to their priests. Having a priest character
is fun, but requires a bit more roleplay than having a basic warrior.

*How do I join a religion?
Simply find a temple of that religion. One of the NPCs in that room
will be able to "convert" you if you ask them.

*How do I become a priest of a religion?
Once you have converted to that religion, you can buy the "faith"
skill from a trainer. This will give you access to spells and
other bonus abilities for clerics/priests. Or, you can choose to
join the clerics/priest class for your religion.

MAGIC (see also <help magic>)

*Does Haven have spells?
Yes. Haven has magic in 4 varieties. Conjuring magic,
which is also "wizard magic"; faith magic, which is "priest magic";
natural magic, which is "druidic" magic; and bardic music, which
is a somewhat different type of magic that uses the "sing" command
instead of the "cast" command.

*How do I learn spells?
The same leaders who run magic-based classes are also able to
teach the spells from that class. If you have a "custom" character,
these leaders can teach you based on your skill set, even though you
don't belong to their class. There are also "metatrainers" in some
towns who can teach spells but do not lead classes.

To see what spells you could learn use <help allspells> or <spellhelp>.
An even easier way is to <ask [npc] to teach all spells> which will
prompt them to teach you any magic that you are skilled enough to

*What do "vocal music" and "instrumental music" do?
These are the skills involved in bardic magic. Use <songhelp> for

*Why do all my spells fail?
Your spells, like all skills, take practice to learn. Once you are
more familiar with the casting of a spell, it will fail less often.
Use <spells> to see a list of spells you know, and how well you know

*When will I be earth shatteringly powerful as a Mage?
Never. Well, maybe. But it'll be a LONG while. You never hear
about an 18 year old human mage of phenominal godlike powers. When
your level increases, your spells will increase in power. Eventually,
mages can kill with a touch, but that is for very powerful mages only.

*What is the best way to train my magical skills?
Like training any other skill, you magical skills can be advanced by
expending Experience Points at your class leader or trainer. Make sure
to practice your individual spells by casting them so that you get
the full "bang for your buck" on each cast. Check the <spells> command
to see your current level of expertise for each spell.


*Ok, I'm dead. What now?
If you died, you're probably standing in a cemetery now. Your body is
sitting, rotting, wherever it is you are standing. On the plus side, you're
safe now. On the down side, you're a walking zombie. Find a healer to
resurrect you. Newbies get this treatment for free, beyond that you
must pay to have your body restored to life. If you die AGAIN while
you are a zombie, your character is deleted from the game, so you
probably want to avoid that. Once you reach mortal you will need to pay
for healing, so it is a good idea to put some money in a bank (see
<help banking>), as it will often be difficult to reach your corpse.

*Ack! He cut my arm off! Help!
First, get the bleeding stopped (if you can). Then, find a healer and
ask him to "restore" your arm. He'll laugh at you and charge you a fee,
but at least you'll have your arm back. Newbies get their limbs restored
for free. Using the <tend wounds> command is a good way to get the
bleeding under control.

*Why does it keep saying "Your mind is no longer clouded?"
Any time you take damage, you become slightly dazed. To a warrior, this
is a normal feeling; but to a mage or priest this can be deadly since
they cannot focus enough to cast spells. This can lead to a deadly cycle
where the mage cannot cast spells to defend himself and winds up dead.
"Your mind is no longer clouded" tells you that you are no longer dazed,
and if you are a spell caster you may now cast a spell.

*I'm bleeding. Is that bad?
It can be. If you are only bleeding a small amount, like in life, you
will eventually stop bleeding and just need to wipe off the mess. If
you are bleeding like a sieve though it can be life threatening. Seek
medical attention (or magical attention!) quickly.

*I collapsed. How screwed am I?
Well, it depends on whether someone is attacking you or not. If you
are lying on the ground unable to defend yourself, you're probably in
some big trouble. If you're just very tired, just rest on the ground
a bit and wait.


*It's raining. Does that do anything?
Yes. It causes some nice messages letting you know that it's raining.
In addition, people of poor health will sometimes catch colds or other
diseases if they stand in the rain too long. (This also applies to
snowing, misting, hailing, etc.)

*My score says that my body temperature is "cold". Is that bad?
Yes. If you are cold, you will begin to die from cold. The same
can be said of being too warm. Seek clothing more suitable to
your current environment.

*Where can I buy warmer (cooler) clothes?
Many towns have clothiers who are willing to sell regionally appropriate
clothing at reasonable prices. Then again, some are just out to make
money and charge excessively for low quality clothes.


*I think I caught a cold. Will I die?
Possibly, but not likely with just a regular cold. Lie down someplace
warm (like an inn) and wait it out. You can also seek out magical
healing to rid you of the annoyance quickly.

*Is there any way to get over being ill faster?
Yes. Magical spells and the occasional "treatment" can be found that
will accelerate the process.

*How did I get this disease anyway?
Well, some diseases are contagious. Standing out in the rain is a good
way to get a cold, and spending too much time with working women near the
city docks can also lead to strange diseases.


*What is "roleplaying"?
Roleplaying means taking on the persona of someone that you are not.
It doesn't require an Oscar-winning performance, only a bit of work
to not talk about things that the character doesn't know. See <help
roleplay> for more information.

*Do I have to say things like "Doth mine eyes deceive me, Brutus?"
Well, you can, but people will laugh at you. Roleplaying means acting
"in character". If you character is a young female elf, she should not
be talking about the Detroit Red Wings. Keep that sort of discussion
to the "ooc" channel.

*Can I play my character how I want?
Yes, within the bounds of good sense. Your character must behave as
the character would within the world as defined. In other words, if
you have created an Ultra-Good Eclat Priest, she should not spend time
killing small children.

*My character is the ONE <elf/gnoll/human> that is different!
While it can be fun to play the rebel, in a roleplaying game such as
Haven, this can be cliche. If everyone roleplays the ONE
demon that likes flowers, then it's not exactly unique. If you don't
want to roleplay the race and/or religion you have chosen, then please
reselect a different race that better fits the type of character you
wish to play.

*The OOC channel
The OOC channel ("<ooc>") is a good way to communicate with other
people playing the game. It is totally "out of character", and so
you can discuss things like hockey and football games (or Haven
game info!) without getting yelled at. The only restrictions on this
channel are that no "in game" knowledge must ever pass on this line,
such as "meet me at the Forum in Sanctum". You can change the name
that is seen on the OOC line by using the "oocname" command. It defaults
to whatever you entered as your Real Name when you created the character.
This helps to seperate the OOC line from normal in-game communication.

*It says I need an approved story. What is that?
Once you reach level 19, you need to have spent some time thinking about
your character. A character story is a short history of your character,
including why he is the way he is. This can include "My father took me
to see the fights in the Colosseum when I was young, so I grew up always
wanting to be an impressive warrior."


*Is OOC the only chat line?
Yes. It is the only chat line available in the game. On occassion, other
lines may be added for specific reasons (priests of the same religion),
but those lines are considered to be IN GAME and must remain in-character
at all times.

*How do I talk on OOC?
Type "ooc <message>" where <message> is what you want to say.

*How do I emote on the chat lines?
Type either "oocemote <message>" where <message> is what you want to
emote, or type "oe <message>" for the same thing. Example: "oe smiles."
will display "<ooc> Bob smiles." if Bob types it.


*What is an Immortal?
An Immortal is someone that helps to build the game and add to it.
They can be considered the "staff" and "employees" of the game. Read
<help admin> to learn what the different ranks of immortals do.

*How do I become an Angel?
You ask VERY nicely. This must be a request to Duuk or another
person of "Admin" rank. It helps to be very familiar with the game
and be someone who is known to help out and not cheat or exploit bugs.

*What does an Angel actually do?
Build areas. An Angel is still learning how to build areas for
the game, and works very hard. It is quite a bit of work for very little
actual result. Many, many people fail in this stage, not realizing just
how much effort is involved.


*This room has no exits!
Occasionally you may come across a room with a bug or other issue, which
may result in the room having no exits. If this happens and no immortals
are present to help, you can use the fix command, specifically
<fix room>. Read <help fix> for more details and other situations where
this command is useful. Do not abuse this command.

If you need Immortal assistance and none are answering ooc, you can use
<wizhelp> to reach them. Type <wizhelp> and if an Immortal is avaliable,
they should respond with a tell. Do not abuse this command.


*Enjoy the game. See <help> for an index of avaliable topics. Player
documents includes files like this one, and player commands will tell
you more about all the other commands avaliable to you.

See also: help developmentpoints, help defaults, help levels, help magic,
help banking, help vendors, help rules