Haven Help System


You are able to purchase mules, horses, and other animals from certain vendors around the world.

You can then ride them! To ride a horse, use the 'mount' verb. 'Dismount', merely standing up, or getting knocked on the ground by an angry ogre will dismount you. Attemping to move in a direction normally will then cause you to ride in that direction.

You can only mount horses that you control in some way--that you purchased, charmed, summoned, or so forth.

Some mounts can take multiple riders--if you simply 'sit' on a horse instead of mounting, you're considered a passenger, and then it's up to you to convince someone else to ride the horse around.

Training in the 'riding' or 'bargaining' skill can greatly improve the quality of mounts you purchase, as you recognize a promising steed or negotiate a better deal.

Training in riding gives you a small bonus to offense and defense while you're mounted.