Haven Help System

When a player reaches level 5 he or she ceases to be a newbie and
becomes a mortal. The rank of newbie gives many advantages to help
the player adjust to the new evironment. When you become a mortal,
these advantages will be taken away. The changes that will take
place are as follows.

First: You will no longer be able to obtain free limb restores and
resurrections. This means you will have to pay large amounts
of money for these services.

Second: You will no longer be able to comprehend all languages. You
will have to find language trainers in towns to teach you new
languages. You will still be able to use the universal 'say'
command, and comprehend everything spoken with the 'say'
command. To speak in your native language, or a language you
have learned, you may use the 'speak' command.

Third: You will no longer be able to see in any amount of light or
darkness. If a room is a little beyond your range, you wont be
able to see the exits, if it is a lot beyond your range, you
wont be able to see anything. You will have to buy torches,
or obtain a magic spell in order to be able to see in these

Fourth: Death can now become irreversable. In the event you die
while you are undead (having not been resurrected), your
character will cease to exist on Haven. This will mean
that you will be forced to create a new character, or to
simply start over from go. This is harsh, but death is
not a pleasant experience.