Haven Help System

In Haven one advances through levels which are attained
by advancing ones primary skills. This is a list of
significant levels and their meanings.


Levels: 0-4

As a newbie, one must learn their way around their
home town as well as the surrounding area in order
to find places to advance.


Levels: 5-24
Required Primary Skills: 1

Mortality is a tough time for new players in
general. It is when the world becomes a dark,
cold and generally hostile place. You lose all the
perks of being a newbie such as the ability to
understand all languages, see in all light settings,
the ability to resist weather conditions, and the
inability to PK and be PK'd (see 'help pk').
Mortality should be thought of as an apprenticeship
of your craft. You will learn much about your
characters abilities during this time. At this rank,
one must submit a story (see 'help story') that
fits into an IC (in character) description of your
characters background and attitudes. This story
must be approved by a Muse+ of the immortal staff
before one can advance to level 21.

High Mortal

Levels: 25-49
Required Primary Skills: 2

High mortals are the journeymen of Haven. They
have put in their dues and advanced to a level
of competence that separates them from mortals.
By the time you reach high mortal it is assumed
that one will know all the things pertinent to their
character's background. Such as: their religion's
world view, the major characters in the town they
reside in (like the mayor and trainers, and newbie
equipper, etc), the location of the major cities,
racial relations and such.


Levels: 50-99
Required Primary Skills: 4

Legends are high level characters who have put
a lot of effort into advancement. By the time one
reaches legendary status, they should be extremely
familiar with the workings of their characters
niche in society. It is at this time that people
find it best to assume leadership positions in
organizations such as guilds and as mentors to
younger characters from their town or religious
affiliation, one might also seek to gain social
rank (see 'help rank') in the city they reside in.
While gaining rank can be done at any level, it is
typically reserved for higher level characters who
have the ability to accumulate the wealth necessary
to buy titles.


Levels: 100-249
Required Primary Skills: 5

Avatars are tough. Depending on their alignment
they are either great allies or dangerous foes.
Avatars have reached at least level 100 which means
they're very strong and powerful. By this level
one should have acquired a vast amount of knowledge
about the game in general as well as about their


Levels: 250-399
Required Primary Skills: 6

The name really says it all. Demi-God's are
extremely powerful characters who have undoubtedly
built up a reputation for themselves in one way or
another. They make whole cities tremble in fear
or praise their name. They are godlike.

Epic Paragon

Levels: 400-500
Required Primary Skills: 6

This is the last status one can achieve in the
mortal plane of existence. Epic Paragon's are the
top tier of characters who have put in much work
into being the cream of the crop. They typically
have more skill points in their little finger
than most mortals do in their whole skill set.