Haven Help System

Known Languages:

Elven Languages:
Eltherian: The native language of all mainland elves.
Alatherian: An ancient version of Eltherian spoken by the slaves of Lisht.

Human Languages:
Enlan: A trade jargon spread by human merchants. Most humans speak it natively.
Avera: Spoken by humans of Averath.
Barian: Spoken by the primitive tribes in Baria.
Gurovian: Spoken in the domain of Gurov.
Imperial: Official language of the Sanctum Empire.
Padashi: Spoken by travellers and residents of Yozrath.
Tai: Spoken in the kingdom of Tai-ri.

Blaodric: The native language of Nosferatu.
Eetria: The menacing mewling of Keryth's Goden.
Gobyshkin: The native language of Goblins of Kresh.
Gryshnak: The guttoral accursed tongue of Daemons.
Heyami: The guttoral growl of the largely extinct mainland Gnolls.
Koblich: The oft ignored squeaking of Kobolds
Nibelungen: The chaotic chatter of Gnomes.
Oiseau: The whistling, harmonic language of Muezzin.
Reyshai: The growling drawl of Xandrian Gnolls.
Runic: The stately language of all dwarves.
Skavish: The chittering tongue of Skavenkind.
Slith: The sibbilant chorus of Lizardmen.
Sprith: The whispered language of Sprites.
Uruk: The fervent chanting of Orcs.

Archaic: A dead language predating the current civilized world.
Dragonish: The common name of the dragon tongue. A corrupt syntax is spoken
in Baria.
Minoan: The only known language of Far Namatar.
Valsor: A dead language, known mainly by wealthy scholars and poets.