Haven Help System

Development Points

Development points, DP, are rewards for leveling and certain quests.
As you advance your character's level you will be rewarded with two (2),
development points. These points can then be used to customize, or
develop your character in different ways.

Skill Advancement and Acquisition:
For whatever reason you chose your class, chances are
there is something about it you would like to change.
If you are one of those people who require more
customization in your character, development points
allow you the freedom to customize your character as
you see fit. Firstly, you will need to find a skill
trainer in your home town. Ask them to teach, and they
will respond with a list of skills they can teach you at
normal prices listed in <listskills>. If the skill you
want to learn is not on the trainers list, you will be
charged the Primary Cost for advancement, so 3x the
normal rate. Often times there are other trainers
in the town who will teach you the skill you want for
the normal price, but some skills, such as magical
skills (faith, conjuring, enchantment, etc) and the
'special' combat skills (accuracy, dodge, armour skills)
will not be taught at all. If you have one of these
specialty skills in your skill list, however, you can
advance it to the next tier in your skills at the
Primary Cost amount.

Stat customization:
At certain places in the game, there are stat trainers.
These specialty trainers will increase stats and stat
tiers with the required DP and monetary amount. This
is typically reserved for advanced players who have
reached a certain level of knowledge throughout their
play time and have the ability to find the said trainers.

Language Learning:
It is also possible to use development points for the
acquisition of languages. If you choose to use this
option you should seek out a Sage, or language teacher
and <ask 'sage' to teach advanced 'language'> where
sage and language would be replaced with the teachers
name and the language you wish to learn. This method
uses one development point and is the equivalent of
four (4) normal training sessions with that teacher.

See also: help defaults, listskills