Haven Help System

Mortals may die once on haven without resurrecting before they get removed
from the game. Dying once means that you become an "undead <race>". You
can resurrect when you are undead to become fully alive again. If you die
while you are undead, you are removed from the game and have to start

To get resurrected, you have to first find a healer. Most towns have a
healer (like Quelthon in Haven Town or Iuvo in Soleil). Some will only
let certain religions or town members use their services (Zurlock is
just for citizens of Jidoor). It costs money for a mortal to
get resurrected, but it's free for newbies. However, there are drawbacks
to resurrection. You may lose some skill levels or other things in
the process, however. The syntax is "ask healer to resurrect me", like
"ask quelthon to resurrect me" or "ask iuvo to resurrect me". If you
can afford it, you will no longer be undead and can die again without
being removed.

The other way to get resurrected is through the spell "resurrect". You'll
have to find a cleric with the spell who is willing to cast it for you to
use this option.