Haven Help System


Out of Character (OOC):

ooc - the main chat channel
(Immortals have access to many more channels)
tell - only immortals can send private ooc tells.
reply - reply to a tell that an immortal sent.
where all - while not a form of communication, per se, where is a 'cheaty'
method to allow you to more easily hunt down other players and interact with
them in some fashion.

mail - post offices in towns can be used for both ooc or ic communication as
needed. This is the best way to get in contact with a specific player who is
not currently online. Clear deliniation should be taken as to whether a
letter is ooc or ic, though in most cases this should be obvious.

In Character (IC):

say - say something everyone in the room with you will hear.
speak is a synonym for say, and ' is an alias for say by default.
ask - ask a question directly of someone in the room with you.

yell - yell something that everyone in the room and neighboring rooms will hear.
shout is an alias for yell.

pray - Request something of your god or goddess. (Any active immortal will
hear this and may respond appropriately.)

telepathy spells--several classes, general those with the enchantment skill,
have access to spells that allow one-way telepathic messages in character.
divine whisper, telepathy, and carrier pigeon are all examples of these. Use
spellhelp to view the individual spell help files.

Public boards - boards in town halls can be viewed and used by any citizen of
the town, boards placed in temples can be used by any member of that faith.
Taverns generally have a public notice board usable by anyone for general