Haven Help System

A Newbie Guide to Combat
A Few Ways to Save Your <BadWord[TM]>

Before we start, you need a few things. Here is our checklist:

*1) Are you wielding a weapon that you know how to use?
Everything can be and has been used as a weapon, but you do not have
the skill to use every weapon as a newbie. Even a fish or corpse has
been used as a blunt weapon. Most towns have a free equipper NPC.

*2) Are you wearing enough armour?
Most if not all towns have an NPC that hands out free leather armour.
Armour is a key to surviving combat.

*3) Have you used the consider command on your target?
The ‘consider’ command is your friend. Use it and use it often.
A reminder, this is only looking at an NPC's physical skills not
magical ones.

Armed? Check. Armoured? Check. Used consider? Check.

Here are a couple helpful hints:
One, use ‘help areas’. This will give you a level range of the areas
located around Kailie. Second, use ‘where all’. This will give you the
location of where you are in Kailie to see if this is a safe/unsafe area
for you to be in.

To initiate combat, you can cast a combat spell or just attack your target.
The syntax for attacking is:
attack <target>
kill <1st target>
You can also use ‘kill all’, but be very very careful when using that.
When using combat spells on targets and there are corpses in the room
that are the same type as the target, you need to aim for the last target.
Targeting does get a little bit confusing. Most of the time, cast the spell
at the last target. If there are two corpses of a rat and four rats standing,
cast <spell> on 6th rat.