Haven Help System

Written by john

The new lib brought many new changes. Most noticeably: experience,
a new combat system, party system and combat skill arrangements.
This little guide will give you the 411 on the changes and answer
such questions as:

"Experience? How do I get that?"
"So I have experience, what now?"
"Where are all my defense skills?"
"Why do I suck?" and "How can I suck less in the future?"

:Gaining Experience:

Experience is gained through various means, most commonly fighting.
As you traverse the world of Kailie in search of adventure you'll be
fighting all sorts of NPC's. The new system allows for you to gain
experience by doing damage to one of the NPC's, whether the damage
be inflicted through physical combat or magical means is up to you,
but if you do damage you will gain experience based upon the amount
of damage you do as well as the creatures level.
(Note: Sometimes in combat you will 'hit' an NPC but not inflict
damage and as such will not gain experience.)

There are also commands related to skills that will give you experience.
A few of these commands are: steal, backstab, pick (lock), cast. One
note on casting: spells that you've trained to 100% will no longer
give you experience when casting, but if it is a combat spell, you will
receive experience based upon the damage that it inflicts.
Please note that sneaking, hiding, bargaining (ask vendor to appraise,
buy, show, etc) will not give you experience because of the usefulness
as well as the extreme spammability of these commands.

:Using Experience:

To advance under the new experience system you will need to be familiar
with the 'costs' command which is a new feature. The command lists the
costs, obviously, that you have to advance your skills, and level.
An example of the costs command is as follows:

Advancement costs for Oortae a level 1 elf
Cost to advance to level 2: 0 imperials and 1200 experience
Advance evokation to level 2: 200 XP + 0 imperials
Advance faith to level 2: 200 XP + 0 imperials
Advance healing to level 2: 200 XP + 0 imperials
Advance blunt combat to level 2: 400 XP + 0 imperials
Advance enchantment to level 2: 400 XP + 0 imperials
Advance pole combat to level 2: 600 XP + 0 imperials
Advance bargaining to level 2: 800 XP + 0 imperials
Advance fishing to level 1: 400 XP + 0 imperials
Advance melee combat to level 2: 800 XP + 0 imperials
Advance slash combat to level 2: 800 XP + 0 imperials

So, in total, to level this person needs to collect 1800 experience.
(200x3 for their primary skills, plus the 1200 experience for the level.)
When you've got your 1800 experience(from beating up defenseless insects)
you'll need to head back to your class leader and ask them to advance
your skills individually and then ask them to advance level. Of course,
you can have them advance your skills before leveling, and you can
certainly get more skills than just the required amount you need to level.

:Combat Changes:

In addition to the experience change, the combat system has been altered
as well. Now, instead of having two individual skills for attack and
defense, we have one 'combat' skill. This skill is the combination of your
ability to attack with said weapon type in addition to your ability
to defend using said weapon type. For example, if you have the pole combat
skill you will need to use a pole weapon to attack as well as defend
yourself. Instead of having eight different skills for defense, you only need
one, as long as you are wielding that weapon type.

You will also note that because experience is granted on a per-damage basis
multi-weapon is not the most effective skill for fighting, especially at low
levels. Because of the decreased ability to hit while wielding two weapons
you will not only miss much more often but also not get any experience. It
would be wise to avoid training with multiple weapons until you can train
the multi-weapon skill to a decent level in order to offset your suckiness.

Also there is the matter of armor. It will be noted that armor is of course
the only thing that is going to save you from complete destruction at the
hands of the wiry bandit and his friends. For this reason, and the fact that
there is not many full armor sets in the game as of yet, a store containing
sets of leather armor has been placed on the Haven Road for your convenience.
There is a newbie helper in the store who will give a set of armor to anyone
under level 11. There is also a vendor with a better set of armor for a
fairly reasonable price.

:Party System:

Beer? Pizza? Twister? Party?! Kinda. The party system that has been implemented
is one of shared experience. Instead of fighting an NPC with another person
and getting screwed because they got the killing hit and you didn't get any
experience, you can now create a party where the experience gained by anyone
in the party will be shared with the rest of the group. You must first 'party
allow <target>' and then they must 'party add <target>' in order for a party to
be formed. See 'help party' for more information.

With all that being said, happy hunting citizens.

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