Haven Help System


Essential commands and descriptions of their use.
This document is meant to be a sort of "quick start guide" and it is
highly recommended that you read other documents such as "help rules" and
"help roleplay".

armours: Shows you what you are wearing and on what parts of your body
they are on.

ask: Fairly self explanatory. Used to ask questions. For instance,
<ask How are you today?> or <ask nastarum to explain>.

attack: This is the command most commonly used to initiate combat.
You can specify one target
(<attack bandit> or <attack first bandit>), multiple targets
(<attack bandits>) or everyone in the room (<attack all>).
Be warned that <attack all> can be dangerous because it even
initiates combat with invisible people in the room who may be
more than a match for you.

body: Gives you a report on the condition of each of your limbs.

drink: Allows you to drink when you are thirsty. Most players get
their water from town fountains. Some examples are
<drink from fountain> and <drink potion>. This command is
important because it is possible to die of dehydration.

drop: Drops a specified item or items, or even money. For instance,
<drop 35 imperials>.

eat: Used for eating things. Works like 'drink' except that you
can not eat from anything. This is important because it is
possible to die of starvation.

enter: Used to enter things like buildings, tents, or the vortex in

get: Gets specified items from your environment and puts them in
your inventory.

go: Moves you in the specified direction, if the room you are in
has such an exit. A room's exits are displayed to the right
of the name of the room.

halt: Halts your attack of the specified enemy. Note that this does
not guarantee that your enemy will halt his or her attacks
against you.

help: You're using it right now! <help index> is useful for finding
any information you might need to play on Haven.

inventory: Shows you what you are carrying.

look: Used by itself (<look>), it shows you the room you are in.
It is also used with arguments (<look at taylor>) to let you
look at specific objects and living things.

money: Shows you what currencies you are carrying, if any.

peer: Lets you look into another room to see what's there before
you move. This is very useful in dangerous areas where you
must be careful about what you encounter.

read: Reads specified objects (<read sign>).

remove: Removes a piece of armour that you are wearing.

say: Your basic method of In Character communication. <say blah>
will make you say "blah" in your native language. You can
also use other languages if you know them (<say in uruk blah>).

score: Displays various useful information, such as how many primary
skill points you must acquire before achieving a higher level.

skills: Shows you what skills you have. It displays the level each
skill is at, the maximum level the skill can achieve at your
current player level, and percentage indicating how close the
skill is to going up a level.

stats: Displays your stats and how many points you have in each.

status: Displays your current and maximum hit points, mana points, and
stamina points.

unwield: Like 'remove' for weapons. It unwields a weapon you are
currently wielding.

wear: Allows you to wear the specified item (<wear pants>), if it can
be worn.

weight: Gives you a description of how much weight you are carrying.

who: Shows you who is logged on at the moment.

wield: Wields the specified item. Note that on Haven, almost anything
can be used as a weapon, so if the need arises, it is possible
to wield something like a book.