Haven Help System

Banks and Banking

Banking on Haven is a fine way to protect your money from rampaging
death. All cities have a banker, moneychanger, teller, or other NPC
who controls financial transactions within the city.

For this help document, anything in <> is a syntax for the bank teller,
and anything in CAPS is something you must change for what you're doing.
(ie: AMOUNT would be a number, CURRENCY would be a type of money). Change
the word "teller" in each example to the name of the person to which you
are speaking.


Once you find the bank teller ("teller"), you need to open an account.

<ask teller for account>

This opens a new account for you at that institution. If you were to now
type <banks>, you would see a new account opened there for you!
While at the bank one may also check their balance by requesting it.

<ask teller for balance> or
<request balance from teller>


Now that you have an account, you can move your money in and out of your
account by using

<ask teller to deposit AMOUNT CURRENCY> and
<ask teller to withdraw AMOUNT CURRENCY>

These commands tell the banker that you'd like to move some of the money
either to your account from your person or from your account to your
person. In place of the AMOUNT, you can also use "all", for example

<ask teller to withdraw all CURRENCY>
<ask teller to deposit all CURRENCY>


You can also have the bank teller switch money that you've found in
random parts of the world for more acceptable and useful money. For that
you must

<ask teller to exchange AMOUNT CURRENCY for CURRENCY>

You can also

<ask teller to exchange all CURRENCY for CURRENCY>

to switch all of the current CURRENCY you have into the new currency. Be
aware that the teller is lazy and will not give you change, so if rupies are
traded at 5 to 1 imperials, the teller will give you 1 imperial for 9 rupies.

You can also

<ask teller to exchange all money for CURRENCY>

and the teller will convert each and every currency you carry to your option,
all at once. Again, the teller is lazy and will likely shortchange you. This
is the price for simple.


Sometimes, the banker will charge you a fee for his services. If he does, he
will announce it while scamming you. At least he's honest about it.