Haven Help System


The administration style of Haven is one of layered corporate
bureaucracy. There are 8 layers of Administration, all of which
serve specific and well defined functions.

Starting from the top, the levels are:

Duuktsaryth, (aka Duuk the Supreme Diety of Kailie) the owner and
chief administrator of Haven, is the final word on all subjects,
temporal, spiritual, and otherwise.

The Greater Dieties oversee major aspects of Haven, from area approval
to the functioning of the magic system. They have unlimited authority
delegated from the Supreme Diety to deal with all player and
Immortal level issues, and can only be overruled by either the Supreme
Diety or by a majority vote of all the Administrators.

The Metatrons have full access to all of Haven, and differ from
the Greater Dieties only in that they do not have access to the host

The Arch-Angels oversee large aspects of the game dealing with
everything from spell approval to area approval to training of new
Immortals. They are the level of management that deals most directly
with the other Immortals and runs the day to day operations of Haven.
Arch-Angels have unlimited authority regarding player issues and
have limited authority to code or recode Immortal level issues. They may
be overruled by any Metatron, or a majority vote of the Arch-Angels.

Muses oversee the day-to-day training of new Immortals. They are
strong coders who have shown commitment to Haven and willingness
to help the other immortals and players. They have some limited authority
for dealing with players and Immortal level issues , if no one of higher
rank is logged in.

Immortals are the core staff of the creation team on Haven. They are
responsible for building the world room by room and insuring that Haven
continues its growth at all times. They have limited authority to deal
with players only in times of crisis, if no one of higher rank is logged

Angels are the lowest rank of Immortal, still in the stages of being
taught. In the words of Dilbert, "[Angels] are here to make the rest of
us glad we're not [them]." They are still in the hazing phase of
Immortality, and have no authority whatsoever.