Haven Help System

In the beginning, magic was without form and void. Energy ran wild,
harnessed by whichever beings were able to seize it. This lead to
many extremely powerful creatures throwing magical assaults around
with glee.

And then were the gods created. With the creation of Order and Chaos,
the universe began to shape itself around these ideals. Chaos magic
was stronger, but unwieldy, prone to random results which could not
be controlled. Order magic was less powerful, but more stable. This
system worked, and the first sentient creatures to use this were the

The elves were creatures of Order, and their magic reflected this.
Some of the elves, however, were touched by Taigis, the Embodiment
of Chaos. This led to elves dabbling in chaos magic, which lead to
the whispers of chaos into the world. Some of the results of these
whispers can be found in other lore.

When the Lord of Order began to see the expansion of sentient races,
the first lesser immortal created was Zaxan. Created specifically
to further bring Order to magic, this creature eventually succumbed
to the touch of Chaos. During the GodsWar, Zaxan was nearly destroyed,
banished to a Lower Plane for over a century of pain and torment.

With the conclusion of the GodsWar, the Lord of Order shattered the
power of Magic, breaking it into smaller spheres of influence. Each
sphere of magic would have only one aspect, and most magic users could
use one, sometimes two of the spheres. This prevented all-powerful
magic wielders from ever again finding chaos magic, and prevented
mortals from unwittingly introducing additional Chaos into the world.