Haven Help System


Haven Town is the center of the modern High Elves (or simply "elves").
Originally settled by orcs following their conquest of the Southern Coast,
the orcs were quickly pushed from this area by the elves at the opening
stages of the GodsWar. The elves established one of the first Elven Towers
here (the "Southern Tower") which served as the focus of elven government
for the region.

During the GodsWar, this tower was cursed and abandoned, but the city of
Haven itself (colloquially called "Haven Town" despite its relative size and
importance) remained and became the main "capital" of elvish culture. This
town represents the "Holy City" of the Kylin faith, and the largest Cathedral
of the Lord of Order is built there. Though the city is the largest city
of the largest nation on the main continent of Kailie, the King of the Elves
simply holds the title of "Mayor". This may be due to the fact that each
of the high ranking Lords of the Towers fell in one form or other during the
GodsWar. It is also noted the Alahandra Banewulf's title at the time of
the fiery mountain being cast upon the Eastern Tower was "Mayor".

Over the last century, this city has become more and more xenophobic, with
the Mayor holding less and less authority and power more truly emanating
from within the Cathedral of Kylin. For over a century, the city has been
ruled in fact if not in name by Dalahalus, High Priest of Kylin.