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The GodsWar is the name given to the span of time immediately following
the creation of the Lesser Gods. Each of the Lesser Gods was meant to
have minor control over one small aspect of the world of Kailie, and
was meant to act within that sphere of control at all times.

However, as with many things, the Lord of Order's will was affected by
the taint of the Lord of Chaos, Taigis. The slight spark that Taigis
gave to the Lesser Gods was a desire for free will and independence.
That this would lead to ruin was well within the plan for Taigis.

The original Lesser Gods powers were manifested within Ahriman Lord
of War, Amelia Lady of Nature and Goodness, Syra the Cold, Portia the
Dark Lady, Zaxan Lord of Magic, Morgoth Lord of Evil, Durandel Lord of Fire
and Balishae the Wise. That these beings should have free will was never
intended, each meant only to expand a small section of the world and hold
dominion over small parts.

With the touch of Taigis, several of the gods were corrupted, and each
began their quest for world domination by challenging the very basis of
their power: the sentient elves, children of the Lord of Order. Each
of the Lesser Gods sought to create their own sentient beings, and as
each birthed their brood, these creatures inevitably began to fight among
themselves. The fiercest and most warlike species naturally was created
by Ahriman. The orcs, as they were known, began to assemble their forces
and quickly conquered the lands of the Southern Coast. This move was
countered by the High Elves, and fierce battles were fought establishing
what is today the border between the Crystal Reaches and the Southern Coast.
The Elves settled this realm heavily, and built one of the Elven Towers here.

Durandel and his drughkor surged from the plains of Yozrath and nearly
overwhelmed the forces of Morgoth and Amelia. Their combined powers, a
marriage of obvious convenience, were enough to throw the forces of Fire
back into the plains of Yozrath, and their vengeance was enough to burn the
plains into a sandy ruin. No evidence remains of the drughkor, having been
annihilated by the combined forces of the nosferatu and muezzin. Without
followers, Durandel faded into nothingness and was no more.

Portia, having stayed hidden during this time, began to whisper dreams of
glory and riches into the minds of the elves, and the Lord of the Eastern
Tower fell prey. The tale of the fall of high elves is recounted in other
histories, but the result was the destruction of the Eastern Tower and the
cursing of the Southern Tower. Portia power faded at the death visited
upon her creatures, now called the dark-elves, but Alessandra picked up the
helm and lead a resurgence of the evil elves.

Lurking in the shadows were some very minor deities, one already revealed
which became Alessandra, but others such as Laoise, Melchezidek, Malak, and
Illura were yet to be revealed. These minor creatures received their chance
when the touch of Taigis infected two of the most senior of the immortals,
Zaxan and Balishae.

With the touch of Chaos into the minds of Balishae and Zaxan, two creatures
upon whom the world had been hinged were loosed. Zaxan's war was brutal,
leaving countless thousands dead upon the floor of the Valley, but when
his forces were crushed he recanted and accepted a role in the pantheon of
Kailie. Since his crushing defeat, Magic accepted the role of Order and
was organized into various spheres. To this day, the inherent Order of Magic
cannot be denied, and this is due to the constant supervision the Lord of
Order has kept on the Lord of Magic.

However, Balishae the Wise, creator of the two smaller races of dwarves and
halflings, was fully corrupted. His vengeance left the world shattered and
adrift, requiring the full attention of the Lord of Order simply to restore
the world to a normal spin. With the horror that Balishae unleashed, his
creatures renounced his protection. The halflings quickly became interested
in the workings of this new world, and took up the religion of Eclat, focused
on natural peace and community. The dwarves, however, having been the elite
warriors of the fallen god, shattered his images and became some of the most
fanatical followers of the Lord of Order.

The Purge that followed the GodsWar left many gods dead on the field of battle,
Morgoth and Syra having fallen in the wars with Balishae, Zaxan left as a shell,
Durandel dead, and lesser angels strewn as deific waste throughout the cosmos.

With the peace came the realization that a neutral race would be created, and
conflict for followers would be limited to within this race, although free will
would allow members of other races to renounce their natural faiths if they
should choose. Thus were created... humans.